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    Grey Platina Scrunchie Barrette and Swarovski Earrings

    €37,40 EUR

    Worldwide shipping

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    "I officially declare - I have an addiction to MARI MADE accessories - once you try them, you want more and more 🥰" - Ineta, customer



    Elegant handmade set - a hair clip made of exclusive fabric and original Swarovski earrings.

    The hair clip is very comfortable and sturdy, holding the hair securely in place. It will add playfulness to your hairstyle and make you stand out! The mini Swarovski earrings are a timeless classic that will complement all of your everyday looks, as well as perfect for special occasions.

    This is not only a stylish accessory, but also a life-changing product for women: it saves you time and money, does not damage your hair, hides any hair imperfections and adds charm!


    - UNIVERSAL: suitable for any hair color, thickness, style, and season
    COMFORTABLE: doesn't squeeze or break hair!

    - EXQUISITE SPARKLE: Swarovski crystals are made to attract every ray of sunlight, creating an exquisite sparkle.
    - MULTIPLE STYLES: perfect for creating different hairstyles and holding them firmly

    - BRIGHT HUE: the very stylish and vibrant shade fits with every style.


    • High-quality Swarovski crystals
    • Handmade in Lithuania
    • Modern mechanism that does not damage hair
    • Most comfortable hair clip
    • Holds firmly and looks elegant
    • Made of durable fabric

    We pack the jewelry in a luxurious MARI MADE box that will delight every woman: as soon as she opens the box, a smile spreads across her face.


    8cm For thin hair
    10cm For medium thickness / thick hair



    Grey Scrunchie Barrette

    Crystal Clear Earrings

    Scrunchie Barrette: 97% high-quality polyester, 3% elastane.

    Earrings: original Swarovski crystals and stainless steel

    This is a great gift idea that will surprise any woman or girl!

    Every MARI MADE accessory is packaged in a luxurious and elegant box.

    Packaging is like a cherry on top of a cake 🍒

    It creates the first impression and it is so important when giving a gift. As soon as you see the luxurious packaging, joy, amazement, and eagerness to see what's inside floods over you...

    This is the exact emotion we want to evoke with every MARI MADE product!

    Every detail is carefully thought out, colors and compositions are selected and matched perfectly for gift giving.


    To ensure that precious metals and costume jewelry last long and maintain their appearance, it is necessary to take care of their proper use and storage.

    Oxidation is a natural process that occurs when in contact with air and moisture, even reacting to contact with the body. When the oxidation process of the jewelry begins, it first acquires a yellowish hue, and only later starts to darken.

    To maximize the protection of jewelry from oxidation and preserve their longevity, we recommend following these care rules:

    1) Remove jewelry when bathing, swimming in water bodies, visiting saunas, or going to bed.
    2) Avoid contact of jewelry with the following substances: perfumes, creams, oils, cosmetics.
    3) Various household chemicals can damage the surface of jewelry.
    4) Store jewelry in separate boxes or fabric pouches to prevent scratching with other jewelry.
    5) Do not store costume jewelry together with silver, as this may affect color changes.
    6) Avoid storing jewelry in the bathroom, as there is a higher concentration of moisture.
    7) Protect costume jewelry from direct sunlight.
    8) Silver items can be cleaned with special silver cleaning wipes.
    9) Do not clean jewelry with harsh abrasive substances, as you may scratch them.

    Crystals can be easily broken, so they should be stored in soft pouches or padded boxes. We recommend cleaning them with a soft cloth.

    To ensure that the accessory lasts as long as possible and looks like new, use MARI MADE accessory care recommendations.

    Keep the scrunchie separate from other accessories that could catch the fabric.
    If the scrunchie is dirty, wash it by hand using warm water and natural soap. DO NOT WASH IN THE WASHING MACHINE.

    Store each headband separately. If the headband has loosened and does not hold firmly, you can narrow it down: take it by the ends and bring them closer to each other. If the headband presses too much, widen it: take it by the ends and pull them apart.
    If you accidentally soil the headband with makeup, you can clean it with makeup remover (micellar water) or makeup cleaning wipes.

    Keep the hair clip separate from other accessories that could catch on the fabric. If the clip mechanism does not fasten: try to spread the teeth to the sides - the clip should snap back into place.

    Original Swarovski Crystals

    Does not break hair




    High quality fabric



    Each accessory is created with love and faith that a small detail can transform one's appearance and change women's lives. We want to help every woman feel confident and beautiful.

    Grey Platina Scrunchie B...

    €37,40 EUR

    All Mari Made items are designed by me and handcrafted in our headquarters in Lithuania, ensuring that each piece is unique and reflects our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Our products are not just about style, but also about practicality and confidence. We believe that style products can solve actual problems and boost confidence, and that is precisely what we aim to achieve with our products. Whether it is a piece of jewelry or an accessory, we want it to serve a purpose and make a difference in your life. I am confident that from the first product you experience, you will fall in love with our brand and style, and build a beautiful collection that reflects your individuality.


    Marija Š.

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